The most important step

in the process of business digitization is choosing a quality software solution that is flexible enough to adapt to your business, it is easy to use and within your budget. For these reasons, the Bitrix24 platform is our recommendation as the optimal application package for your business system - the greatest value for money!

Bitrix24 - Free. Unlimited. Online.

Bitrix24 is a complete suite of collaboration and communication tools for your company that allows you to work anywhere: office work and / or work from home. Bitrix24 Cloud is an online platform containing 35+ applications including project management, CRM and sales applications, HR module, internal and external communication channels, built-in contact center, Intranet, web and web store applications, advanced marketing tools, additional applications and extensions.

The advantage of the Bitrix24 platform over the competition

  • All in one business solution
  • Pay for the company, not the customers
  • Choose applications in the cloud or on your own infrastructure
  • Free mobile and desktop application
  • Global network of partners
  • The greatest value for your money - 10 times cheaper than the competition
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  • Bitrix 24 automatizacija
  • Bitrix 24 pregled funkcija
  • Bitrix 24 virtualni ured
  • Bitrix 24 funkcionalnosti
  • Bitrix 24 video pozivi
  • Bitrix 24 kalendar
  • Bitrix 24 izvještaji
  • Bitrix 24 CRM

Bitrix24 is the only business software you need.

Replace a multitude of services and applications with one system that will run your entire business. Explore Bitrix24 tools!


A virtual office for your company's work, communication and collaboration, at home or in the office.

Bitrix24 communications

HD video calls and conferences

Create conferences for 48 participants, talk without time limit, record your calls and change the background.


Private and group conversations - a quick and easy way to discuss ideas and share files.

Tracking working hours

Your team can start / pause / end their work day using the internet clock built into Bitrix24.


Equipped with features of customer management, customer support and marketing automation.

CRM Bitrix24

Acquisition of potential clients

Generate leads through multiple channels: web forms, live chats, phone calls, or social media and automatically add them to CRM.

Lead management

Use our built-in lead scoring tool to see what prospects your sales representatives need to focus on and assign them automatically.

Sales automation

Dozens of rules and triggers for sales and marketing automation that will save you time and money.

Tasks and projects

Set tasks, receive work reports and manage projects online with the Bitrix24 state-of-the-art tool.

Bitrix24 zadaci i projekti

Workload management

Monitor project activities, receive work reports and distribute the workload more evenly.

Task templates and automation

Save time by automating repetitive tasks (e.g. "Weekly Sales Report").

Visual project management

Gantt printable charts, customizable Kanban boards and a host of other visuals for your projects.

Contact center

All the tools you may need to communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers.

Bitrix24 contact center


Set up your own call center with smart call routing and tracking.

Live chat

Lots of advanced settings, including customizable chatbots, response templates and more.

Contact forms

Customizable contact, feedback and callback request forms for your website.

Websites and shops

Template-based website builder lets you create beautiful websites, landing pages, and online stores.

Bitrix24 websites and shops

Website builder

Choose one of our industry-specific templates and build your own website on top of it. No coding skills required.

Internet shop

Create and publish your online store. Track your sales, manage inventory and accept payments.

Ready for SEO

Your website is pre-optimized and SEO-compliant with minimal requirements for you.

As an authorized Bitrix partner, we offer you the following services:

  • Free support 4h / 8h / 16h when implementing Bitrix24 in case of purchasing Basic / Standard / Professional packages through our trade
  • Advice on purchasing a Bitrix24 Cloud package or On-Premise license
  • (Online) meeting and presentation of software functionality
  • Training and education of Bitrix24 platform users
  • Helpdesk in everyday use of Bitrix24

PRICE LIST of Bitrix24 Cloud packages

Interested in your own Bitrix24?

Buy a one-time license for the On-Premise version and upload it to your own server!

Additional services

Document management

Common challenges that companies face today are large quantities of paper documents, purchasing and maintaining large quantities of printing devices, archiving and storing documentation that stands in a closet and is not used for business decision making. Therefore, we offer you the introduction of DMS (Document Management System) which can save you significant as a result of accelerating business activities, easier flow of information, faster communication and avoiding multiple entries of the same documents in the company's IT system. In order to facilitate the introduction of a new business system, we offer you the service of scanning documentation and entering data into the computer system.


Digitization is a long-term process in which a company prepares for future challenges. Therefore, it is first necessary to make a quality business analysis in relation to the IT technology used for business. We offer you an expert analysis of your business to determine which business processes are necessary for digital transformation and which of the available IT technologies are in line with the budget and time constraints required for implementation. After creating a joint plan, we start the implementation in stages and in accordance with the set limits.